Vegetation Management

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The right trees in the right place provide shade, privacy, wildlife habitat and help prevent erosion. The wrong trees planted near powerlines can become a safety hazard to the local environment and property, and may impact the reliability of your power supply.
Vegetation must be managed near powerlines to maintain public safety. By working together with the communities we serve, we can achieve a sustainable outcome for everyone. In doing so we will minimise the risk of power supply interruptions caused by vegetation falling on, or coming into contact with, powerlines.
Continuous vegetation management:
  • Reduces the potential harm to people, damage to property or the local environment
  • Minimises tree-related power supply interruptions
  • Reduces the incidence of branches contacting powerlines and potentially causing bushfires.

Our people are inspecting and responding to trees and other vegetation encroaching on electricity infrastructure every day.
It’s a constant job and an essential part of our maintenance program. We know many problems can be avoided if we take action early and encourage more appropriate vegetation to be planted near powerlines.
Vegetation Management benefits everyone:
  • Always plant a tree at least 15 metres away from powerlines or a distance equal to its mature height - whichever is greater.
  • Make sure any vegetation is kept well clear of powerlines.
  • Remember - tree trimming can be hazardous near overhead powerlines and should only be performed by qualified tree trimmers.
  • To avoid the need for tree trimming we encourage landowners to plant responsibly - Plan Before You Plant.
The download includes our planting guidelines, information on tree trimming and contact information for our Vegetation Operations Coordinators.


Safety for your work site

Safety for your work site

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