Small Scale Generation FAQs

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What if I want to install a larger system?
Depending on which state you are located in the rates can vary quite dramatically. Please contact us for advice in relation to your particular scenario.

I have signed a buyback contract with Essential Energy. Will this prevent me from receiving a higher buyback rate if and when it is introduced into NSW?
No, Essential Energy can increase the buyback rate without voiding the contract. The contract has allowed for this with a clause stating that Essential Energy can vary the export price. We will certainly pass on any government subsidised rates that might come into play in the future.

Will the Federal approach to feed-in tariffs affect the schemes already in place in SA, QLD, VIC or the ACT?
It is unknown at this stage how the Federal Government might choose to structure the new feed-in tariff or how it might affect the “bonus” schemes that are already running. Keep an eye on the parliament website and the media for updates on this approach.

Why has Essential Energy not credited me for all of my generation?
The difference has most likely been used within your premises (rather than using grid-power). Please read the sections on reading the meter and understanding the bill. If you’re still concerned please contact us to discuss.

Can I get financial assistance to install a solar system?
Various rebates are available to those who meet the criteria.
Find out more on the Federal Government's solar PV rebate

Where can I find a supplier or installer for a solar photovoltaic grid connected system?
The Clean Energy Council website contains a list of accredited installers.

Can I buy my electricity from a different retailer than the one who purchases my excess?
No. The consumption and the exported electricity must be billed by the same retailer. This means you need to consider both the purchase and sale prices when comparing different offers.

Can I have my export credits put on a different premise’s bill?
No. The consumption and the exported energy will both be reflected on the same bill.

Can I sell my Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) to Essential Energy?
Essential Energy is not currently purchasing REC’s from small scale generators. In most cases your supplier will offer to purchase these back from you in the form of further savings off your up-front costs. More information on REC’s can be found on the Office of Renewable Energy Regulator (ORER) website.


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