Free phone energy consultations for Lismore area

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At Essential Energy, we’re working hard to ensure you have safe, reliable energy, particularly in these uncertain times.

Throughout the COVID-19 health pandemic, we’ve seen an increase in energy consumption with people spending more time at home. We know this can lead to higher electricity bills, which can increase the financial pressure on households and small businesses during an already difficult time.

To help, Essential Energy is partnering with the Australian Energy Foundation (AEF) to offer up to 100 customers across the Lismore local government area the opportunity to receive a free 20 minute energy consultation over the phone for their home or business.

An energy consultation can identify changes you can make in your home or small business to make it more energy efficient, which will have an immediate impact of reducing your energy bills. Changes could include: 

Energy efficiency change Electricity bill impact
Installing solar panels on your roof After installing solar you can expect to reduce your electricity bills by 30 to 60 per cent. With these savings, a typical home will recoup the initial investment between three to five years.
Setting your reverse cycle air-conditioner to the right temperature
Setting your thermostat to cool to 23-26 degrees in summer – every degree higher can reduce your running costs by 10 per cent. You’ll hardly notice a couple degrees warmer, but your electricity bill will.
Switching your halogen downlights to LED, especially for your small business
Compared to halogen bulbs, LEDs use 75% less energy and last five to 10 times longer. 


The trial program will provide customers that book a consultation with a unique opportunity to get expert advice for their own personal circumstances and budget on reducing their energy bills, how to shop around for the best energy tariff, and advice on how to cool their home or small business this summer without sacrificing comfort. The energy advisors can also connect you with vetted suppliers for an obligation-free quote for the energy efficient products they recommend. The program starts Monday 1 February and will conclude Friday 26 March 2021. 

Who is the Australian Energy Foundation (AEF)?

The AEF started as a grass roots organisation and has grown to be a national organisation that works in partnership with all levels of government, the energy industry, academia and social good organisations to have a positive impact across Australia.

The AEF’s vision is that all Australians have access to the affordable and clean energy they need to be healthy, have meaningful work, maintain financial stability, connect with their community, prosper though continuous learning, and live in a thriving natural environment.

How do I get involved?

This free service is available between Monday 1 February and Friday 26 March 2021.

To book a consultation:

  • call the AEF directly on 1300 23 68 55
  • Book a time here for an energy advisor to call you directly Monday to Friday at a time that suits you
  • call Essential Energy on 132391.

For more energy efficiency advice and guides for your home or small business, including insulation, hot water and weather proofingvisit the AEF website.