Regulatory reports and network information

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Document Titles Size Date
Safety Management System Annual Performance Report 2016/17 2058KB 31/08/17
Ring-fencing guideline - Compliance plan 242KB 27/07/17
Ring-fencing waiver application 273KB 27/07/17
Distribution Annual Planning Report 2016 2366KB 29/12/16
AEMC Request for rule change 1493KB 15/07/16
Electricity Network Performance Report 2015/16 587KB 30/12/16
Electricity Network Performance Report 2014/15 714KB 18/12/15
Electricity Network Performance Report 2013/14 1151KB 19/12/14
Distribution Annual Planning Report 2015 2667KB 18/12/15
Distribution Annual Planning Report 2014 2193KB 01/05/15
Customer Guide – Requests for alternate power supply 75KB 01/08/13
Network Performance Report 2011-2012 859KB 21/12/12
Network Performance Report 2012-2013 949KB 18/12/13
Use of poles carrier access agreement 346KB 01/03/11
Public Lighting Management Plan 323KB 03/03/11

CEOP8004 - Customer Installation Plan

326KB 23/09/13

CEOP8005 - Public Electrical Safety Awareness Plan

12MB 31/10/17

CEOP8022 - Bushfire Risk Management Plan

854KB 19/02/15

CEOP8037 - Essential Energy equipment: Painting or installation of private attachments

529KB 28/07/14

CEOF6595 - Essential Energy equipment: Agreement & application to paint or install private attachments

109KB 08/03/11

Electricity Network Performance Report 2010-2011

2.5MB 30/11/11
Agreement in Relation to Connection Investigation 1.5MB 01/03/11
Process requirements for installing Special Small Unmetered Services (SSUMS) 130KB 27/05/15
CEOM8014.138 - Metering Services: Installing Current Transformer Metering
This document was previously CEPG4053
349KB 10/03/11
CEOF2016 - Request for CT Metering by Essential Energy 102KB 13/04/11
Instructions for Completing CEOF2016 70KB 13/04/11
CEOP8026 - Electricity Supply Standard 450KB 02/10/14
Fact Sheet - Pioneer Scheme 164KB 26/07/16
CEOP8020 - Pioneer Scheme 85KB 01/07/14


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Safety for your work site

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