Enquiry Form for High Voltage Retail Customer and Embedded Generators Connections 30kW and above

General Terms
1. The Applicant acknowledges and agrees that we may concurrently process competing Enquiries and Applications to Connects, which may impact on the arrangements for connection of the project to our distribution system.
2. To facilitate transparency and assist applicants, the enquirer agrees that we may disclose to third parties the capacity requirements, general project location, and relevant submission dates in the connection process. Enquirer also agrees that information submitted in this Enquiry Form may be released to our contractors, sub-contractors or consultants and submission of this form is deemed to be consent to such release
3. This Enquiry Form is hereby submitted to Essential Energy by an authorised representative of the Applicant listed below.

Applicant Details

Connection Applicant*
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Project Details

Connection Type
National Metering Identifier (NMI)
Site Address

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Site Lot / Section /DP details can be found on https://maps.six.nsw.gov.au/

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Alternate Site Locations
Lot / Section /DP
Objectives of the Project Proposal
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Nominated Connection Process
Embedded generator applicants with a total generation capacity of less than 5MW and who are not micro-embedded generators must nominate to connect under either the CH5 or the CH5A connection process as detailed in the NER.
Requesting Detailed Response?
Requesting written Preliminary Response?

A Connection Applicant may request Essential Energy to provide a Detailed Response under clause 5.3A.8(c) of the Rules to its enquiry. A price guide for the cost associated are listed within CEOP8079 Connection Process Guideline Appendix.

A Connection Applicant pursuing connection under Chapter 5A of the Rules may request a written Preliminary Response. The cost associated for requesting a written Preliminary Response are listed within CEOP8079 Connection Process Guideline Appendix. Alternatively, you will be directed to a Chapter 5A Connection Information Package.

Load - Maximum Demand

Plant Type and Configuration
Nature of any Disturbing Load

Generation Capability

Is the project proposing generation unit/s?
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Generation Capacity
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Energy Storage

Is the project proposing energy storage?
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Energy Storage Capacity
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Additional Information and Requirements: