Looking for Christmas ideas? Think electrical safety first!

20 November 2018

As the festive season fast approaches and the decorations come out of storage, Essential Energy want those who install do-it-yourself Christmas displays to think first about some basic safety checks to prevent electrical incidents.

Head of Health, Safety and Environment, Christine Withycombe, said putting electricity safety measures in place prior to hanging decorations could provide peace of mind for a safe holiday season.

“Ensure the home, garage and workshops are fitted with safety switches such as Residual Current Devices (RCD) or Earth Leakage Circuit Breakers to reduce the likelihood of electric shock,” Christine said.

When installing lights or illuminated decorations, check for damaged or frayed cords prior to use and always follow the installation instructions. Turn off power points or light switches before replacing light bulbs and minimise the use of extension leads when organising the display.

“Be aware of the location of service lines and electrical wiring within the work space when installing Christmas lights or displays on rooftops. Do not cut, drill or hammer into rooftops, walls, floors or ceilings before thoroughly checking for electrical wires,” Christine said.

“Take the opportunity when installing a Christmas light display to educate children of the importance of electrical safety and the danger of damaging electrical equipment. Show family members the location of the main switchboard in the case of an emergency where the power may need to be disconnected.”

“Fit spare outlets on power boards with safety plugs to prevent children placing objects in the sockets; and don’t overload power points with more than one adapter. Ultimately, the safety of you and your loved ones will ensure you can enjoy the holiday season with them,” Christine said.

In the event of a suspected electrical shock, do not attempt to touch the person until the power has been disconnected. Provide first aid when it is safe to do so and always seek medical attention afterwards.

For more information on electrical safety, visit essentialenergy.com.au/safety.

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