Notice of Arrangement

Inspecting a meter

A local council may require the developer of a subdivision, boundary adjustment or lot consolidation to obtain Notice of Arrangement (NOA) from Essential Energy detailing the electricity supply arrangements for the proposed development before issuing a development consent.

There are two pathways to request notice of arrangement.

  1. If you have engaged a Level 3 Accredited Service Provider to assist in the assessment of the existing supply arrangements, the NOA request should be made through Essential Energy salesforce portal using your service providers unique login details.
  2. If you have not engaged a Level 3 Accredited Service Provider to provide advice on the suitability of the existing supply arrangements, the request form and accompanying documents should be emailed to

The following documents must be provided to ensure the "Notice of Arrangement" can be processed in a timely manner. As incomplete submissions will be returned please ensure all documents are provided in the initial request.

  • Completed Design Information Request form – CEOF6010
  • A Copy of the draft Deposited Plan, Strata Plan or Community Plan prepared by a registered surveyor which includes the surveyor’s reference number
  • A Copy of the Council Notice of Determination
  • A detailed drawing, showing the point of attachment to EE's network, service mains location and the location of the metering/MSB
  • Copy of Easement Documents executed by Essential Energy (if applicable)

If Essential Energy determines that the proposed development can be supplied from the existing network, a NOA will be provided via email using the contact details listed in the application form. If the assessment determines that network augmentation works are required to create additional capacity for the new connection, you will be contacted by the contestable works team and provided options on how to proceed.

The fee associated with processing a notice of arrangement, as per the Price Schedule for Ancillary Network Services – Section 5.1 on our Network Pricing page, will be invoiced accordingly.

More information

Download the Notice of Arrangement fact sheet
Download Contestable Work Design Information Application - CEOF6010