Make farm safety your priority by ordering our free safety stickers. These are a timely reminder when working on the land and can be displayed on farm safety machinery and areas surrounding our network. We also have a range of additional farm safety collateral below which can be ordered. To view the stickers, simply click on the orange link in the table. 

To order, complete the form and we will mail the items to the postal addresses supplied.

Name Size Description/link
1. Clearances sticker (CEG27630) 150x120mm Sticker showing safe clearance distances for use inside your vehicle. Records the stowed and extended height of machinery
2. What to do if a vehicle contacts powerlines (CEG00836) 200x100mm Explains the procedure required if your vehicle contacts powerlines. Use this sticker on the sun visor of your vehicle
3. Danger keep clear - large (CEG00721) A4 (297x210mm) General sticker for use in and around vehicles and other high risk areas
4. Danger keep clear - small (CEG00719) C6 (162x114mm) General sticker for use in and around vehicles and other high risk areas
5. Danger - cotton module trampers - large (CEG00717) A4 (297x210mm) For use within cotton module trampers
6. Danger – cotton module trampers - small (CEG00761) 110x50mm For use within cotton module trampers
7. Danger – excavators and tippers (CEG00720) 200x140mm For use within excavators and tippers
8. Harvest safety sticker (CEG00907) 120x80mm Look up and live harvest safety sticker
9. Industry safety DVD (CEG00838) NA Includes three segments - Electrical hazard awareness for:
1. Emergency service personnel
2. Rural workers
3. Urban workers
10. High loads safety DVD (CEG00892) NA Important electrical safety information when transporting high loads
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