Tree Management

Essential Energy Plan Before You Plant

Tree Planting

Country Energy's Planting Guide

When planting, follow these guidelines:

  • Look up before you plant
  • Consider how big the tree or vegetation will grow and what will be affected.
  • Plant taller varieties furthest away from the powerlines using the planting guide above.
  • Do not plant on streets without local council approval.
  • Remember that access to powerlines is required for maintenance and repairs in the future
  • Select plant species that are native to the area.
  • Avoid plant species that could invade the surrounding environment.
  • Plant away from the underground pits, pillar boxes and padmount transformers so roots don't become a problem.
  • Essential Energy can provide guidance when planting. Local nurseries should also be consulted.

Tree Clearing
To operate a safe network, Essential Energy needs to clear trees when building new powerlines.
The width of the clearing zone is determined by the voltage of the power line:
Voltage/Condition Clearing Zone/EasementWidth
HV & LV ABC 6m
CCT 6m
SWER bare 20m
240V to 22kV bare 20m
33kV to 66kV bare 30m
132kV bare 45m
Tall Trees/Forestry Min 32m*


Safety for your work site

Safety for your work site

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