Safe Work Practices - Course Modules

Essential Energy Course Content

Module 1 - Safe Work Practices learning outcomes
  • Understand the requirements of the Electricity Supply (Safety & Network Management Plans) Regulation 2008 and the WHS Act 2011.
  • Understand the electrical and mechanical hazards that can be encountered in an HV substation and the precautions to be taken.
  • Understand the procedures and the personal protective equipment used to affect a release and rescue.
  • Understand the effects of electricity on a person’s body and the initial medical procedures to take prior to receiving medical assistance.
  • Knowledge of the various types of fire appliances and the types of fires each is applicable for.
  • Understand the use of fire appliances for electrical fires.

Module 2 – De-energise and isolate
  • Understand the requirements needed to prepare for work on or near HV equipment.
  • Understand the processes used to de-energise and isolate HV equipment and the precautions to be taken. Demonstrate the knowledge and understanding of the various types of HV apparatus that may be part of the HV system.
  • Demonstrate the knowledge of correct techniques to be used in carrying out safe work practices in switching a HV system.
Module 3 – Proving de-energised and earthing
  • Understand the various methods of proving HV apparatus is de-energised and isolated.
  • Understand the processes of isolation and earthing of HV apparatus to make the apparatus safe for work.
  • Demonstrate the knowledge of earthing to special cases such as underground cables, HV aerial bundled cables and HV insulated unscreened conductors.
Module 4 – Work Areas and Access Permits
  • Understand how to set up a Work area for work on or near HV apparatus.
  • Understand the authorisation process and responsibilities of Access Permit Issuers and Access Permit Recipients.
  • Understand the procedures for Access Permits and Testing Access Permits and conditions of work under these Permits.
  • Understand the reasons for and the conditions of Operating Agreements between Network Operators and HV Customers.
Module 5 – Energisation
  • Demonstrate the knowledge to recognise when an Access Permit for work or Testing Access Permit has been cancelled.
  • Understand the requirements needed to prepare HV apparatus for energisation after work has been completed under Access Permit or Testing Access Permits conditions.
  • Demonstrate the knowledge of correct techniques to energise HV apparatus and understand if any special tests are required prior to placing HV apparatus on load.
  • Understand the requirements to update system diagrams and the need for labelling of HV apparatus.
Module 6 – Notes for Operating Staff
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the switching process.
  • Understand the possible ways electrical apparatus may become energised and the safe work practices to adopt.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of good operating procedures and practices.
  • Understand the use of operating aids that an Operator can use to ensure there are no switching errors.


Safety for your work site

Safety for your work site

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