Safety Advice for the Community 

Car accident into a power pole

As a key part of the communities in which we operate, we are committed to ensuring the safety of all community members in any way we can.

We assist community groups, schools and individuals 'at risk' by providing:

  • Electrical safety advice.
  • Electrical awareness educational material – including brochures, fact sheets, warning stickers and interactive displays.

Stay safe on the road

  • Drive safely on the roads – plan your journey and take regular breaks to avoid driver fatigue.
  • Exercise caution when travelling in poor conditions – storms, heavy rain and bushfires can create additional hazards on the road which should be considered while travelling.
  • Consider postponing your trip if severe weather is forecast where you will be driving.
  • Take particular care when travelling late at night or early in the morning – power poles can be difficult to spot in low light.
  • Know what to do if your vehicle comes into contact with the electricity network – Stay. Call. Wait. It’s important that you stay in the vehicle wherever there is no life-threatening situation, call 000 and wait until Essential Energy arrives and gives the all clear to leave the vehicle.

If escape is absolutely necessary (because of fire);

  • jump well clear to avoid contact with the vehicle and the ground at the same time
  • when you jump, land with your feet together
  • do not touch the vehicle and the ground at the same time
  • you must shuffle or jump, with your feet together until you are at least 8 metres clear of the vehicle, powerlines or anything else in contact with them
  • once clear, do not return to the vehicle for any reason
  • call Essential Energy on 132080.

Never approach a vehicle to assist in an evacuation and always treat powerlines as if they are ‘live’.

Stay away from fallen powerlines

  • Always stay at least eight metres away from a powerline on the ground, objects in contact with wires, or a low hanging powerline.
  • Do not touch the line or object in contact with it. Always assume it is live and report it to Essential Energy on 132080 as soon as possible.
  • Also stay away from anything that may be in contact with the line, such as fences or trees, as they are conductors of electricity. Be aware that electricity can arc to surrounding objects and possibly you if you are too close. You can be seriously injured without actually touching the powerline.
  • Be aware that electricity infrastructure may be damaged as a result of strong winds and lightning during storms and motor vehicle accidents.
  • Potential indicators of damage include flickering or no power supply, fallen trees, smoke or steam, burnt areas on the ground, visual damage to electrical equipment including poles, cross arms, insulators and stay wires.
  • On rural properties, always be aware of potential electrical hazards when checking stock.
  • If you see damaged infrastructure or low hanging powerlines, report it immediately on 132080 or use our online form.

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To find out more about community safety matters, call 132391 and ask to speak to a member of the Public Safety team, or email