Safety Advice for Agribusiness

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When it comes to the potential dangers of working around powerlines and other network infrastructure, there are some key safety messages to keep in mind.

Take a moment to get to know these safety considerations as they could help to save a life when working on the LAND:

Look up and live. Overhead powerlines should be identified and marked at ground level. Essential Energy can provide electrical network maps showing the location of overhead powerlines on your property.

Always be aware. Before accessing paddocks and work areas, check the location and condition of poles and wires. Conditions can change without notice and heat can affect powerline height.

Need to know. Know the height of farm machinery in raised and lowered positions so you can maintain safe clearance distances from powerlines. ALWAYS lower machinery fully before moving off.

Don’t disembark. If your machinery comes into contact with overhead powerlines, stay in the vehicle, if safe to do so, and call Essential Energy immediately on 132080.

In the sections below we have a number of resources to help you be safe on the land this harvest. Fact sheets available for download and our 5 minute Powerline Hazard Assessment can help you identify and assess potential hazards on your property.

We also have a range of free safety stickers available for online order. These are a great resource for timely reminders when working on the LAND.


Powerline Markers

We recommend property owners mark powerlines to increase their visibility and help prevent incidents occurring. We can install the markers at a reasonable cost. If you identify an area of concern please fill out the Powerline Marker Enquiry Form to request further information.

Powerline Marker Enquiry Form

Safety Fact Sheets and Information
Beware of Earth Grids
Harvest safety fact sheet
Emergency response to a powerline incident
Working Near Overhead Powerlines
Transporting high loads
Powerline Hazard Assessment for the Farm
Electricity and Agriculture Safety Fact Sheet
Cotton Farming Electrical Safety Fact Sheet
Irrigation Electrical Safety Fact Sheet
Low Level Aerial Activity Safety Fact Sheet
Sugar Cane Electrical Safety Fact Sheet
Viticulture Electrical Safety Fact Sheet
Agricultural netting around powerlines
Checklist: Electrical safety while excavating
Electricity safety while excavating
Domestic portable generators
Safety during floods
Safety in the Home and Workplaces
Storm safety advice
Electrical Network Maps
CEOP8041 - Work near Essential Energy's underground assets
Public Electrical Safety Awareness Plan


For more information email or call 132391 and ask to speak to a member of the Public Safety team.

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