Outage Tips

Repairing the network with storm approaching

Tips to remember during power outages

Some tips to help minimise inconvenience:

  • you can help protect sensitive electrical appliances, such as computers, by switching them off and unplugging them before the planned outage time
  • if you rely on an electric pumping system for your household water supply, make sure you store enough water for your needs while the power is off
  • switch off stove hotplates, ovens, and any other small appliances in case you’re not home when power is restored, and avoid opening your fridge or freezer while the power is off
  • there should be no need to turn off solar inverters – they should automatically turn off and back on.

Please check with your electricity retailer to ensure they have your correct address, phone, and email details so Essential Energy can share updates and information about future planned work. If your retailer has a valid mobile contact number, Essential Energy may provide future notifications via SMS.

While every effort is made to minimise the impact of work on customers, planned power supply interruptions are required from time to time. Individual customers will receive advance notification from Essential Energy with the specific dates and times of any planned interruptions.
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Essential Energy regularly inspects and maintains the electricity network to ensure you enjoy a reliable power supply, however there will be occasions when the supply may be interrupted due to circumstances beyond our control. Unplanned interruptions can occur due to storms, lightning, strong winds, bushfires, vegetation or animals contacting powerlines, accidents and faults.
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If you would like to report an unplanned outage please call us on 13 20 80 or report it online.