Your Meter

Across our network, our contracted meter readers are responsible for the accurate reading of approximately 1.5 million meters - almost 6 million every year!

To make life easier and safer for meter readers, please ensure:

Easy access to your meter

Obstructions such as trees and landscaped walls can deny our people necessary access when it is needed most or when maintenance of the meter is required. Sometimes meter boxes are unintentionally blocked by renovations and landscaping.

Essential Energy must have access to the meter in order to read, test or maintain it, or remove and replace as necessary. We therefore require:

  • A minimum of two metres of clear space around the meter box.
  • No permanent obstructions, such as trees, bushes or walls in front of or near the meter.
  • Fences and gates to be built behind rather than in front of meter boxes.

Even though some meters can be read electronically, it's still essential that they are kept free from obstructions so that Essential Energy can access them in critical times and continue to read them as necessary.

By ensuring meter readers can access and read meters safely, customers can avoid having their electricity usage estimated on past consumption.

Safe access to your meter

Snarling dogs, charging bulls, wasps' nests and climbing through rubbish and overgrown shrubs to reach a meter box is all in a day's work for a meter reader and can make their job very difficult. The biggest challenge is the risk of dog attacks. To safeguard the very real danger of dog attacks, we need your help. Please:

  1. Do not fence in meter boxes - build fences and gates behind, rather than in front of the meter box.
  2. Ensure safe and easy access to meter boxes by not locking gates, trimming back nearby bushes, moving rubbish and clearing spider webs and insect nests.
  3. Keep dogs safely secured during the day or place them in a different area to where the meter box is located.
  4. Phone 13 23 91 to tell us if you have a dog that is unrestrained during the day or have a new puppy. We will work with you so meters can be read safely.
  5. Do not use private padlocks or locking devices on meter boxes. If you're concerned about the security of your meter, you can order an Essential Energy approved lock from This will ensure meter readers and emergency crews can still access the meter, especially in case of fire or electric shock.

We provide our meter readers with dog awareness and safety training and have a range of internal warnings and procedures in place. These include a dog register to alert meter readers before entering a property.

By ensuring meter readers can access and read meters safely, you can avoid having your electricity usage estimated on past consumption.

For more information

The complete Service and Installation Rules of New South Wales can be found by visiting the Energy NSW website.