Changes to Controlled Load 1

As part of our commitment to providing a safe and reliable power supply to all customers, we’re always looking at better ways to manage the electricity on our network.

As the name suggests, a Controlled Load tariff enables us to control the load on the network. By allowing us this control, customers are rewarded with cheaper rates.

Recently we’ve made a slight change to the times that supply is available on Controlled Load 1 (CL1) tariff.

Traditionally people on CL1 would see their connected appliances turn on, and water heat up, between the hours of 10pm to 7am each week night, and at all times over the weekend. For customers in some areas  we have reduced the times a boost is available through the night and shifted that to allow for some heating time through the day.

Whether it kicks in or not will still be determined by the thermostat on your system, meaning the boost won’t occur if your water doesn’t need to be heated, and will only keep heating up until the desired temperature.

This will benefit anyone who uses hot water in the morning, as the extra day time boost will ensure you have hot water at night. Any power used will be charged at the same nighttime off-peak rate even though it is boosting during the day.

Shifting part of the boost from nighttime to day spreads heating of systems across the network, but most importantly allows the heating to use excess renewable energy that is feeding into the grid.

To find out about more initiatives we’re undertaking to help manage the changing way households are using energy, take a look through our Future Energy pages.

For more information about this specific Controlled Load program please call 132391.

Can I change from Controlled Load 1?

Yes, contact your retailer to look at what tariff may best suit your household. Alternatively visit to compare energy plans.

Download the Controlled Load fact sheet