High Loads Safety

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When it comes to the potential dangers of operating high loads around powerlines and other electricity network infrastructure, there are some key safety tips to keep in mind to help keep you and your workers safe on the road or worksite.

Before you start work

Plan ahead to stay safe – stay clear when powerlines are near

  • Assess your travel path and make sure you know where the powerlines are and what the required clearances are. Visit essentialenergy.com.au/lookupandlive
  • If delivering to/operating machinery on a project where powerlines are located, ensure that appropriate controls are in place to avoid powerline contact. Essential Energy can be contacted to carry out an initial site visit for these sites – visit Construction Safety for more details
  • Assess your travel path for potential hazards. If operating high machinery (e.g. tipper trucks) where powerlines are located, always work your way away from the path of powerlines, to avoid powerline contact
  • Know the height of your vehicle in transit, lowered and fully extended. Order safety stickers to help you record these heights
  • Make sure all equipment or machinery is fully lowered before moving off
  • If you are driving a vehicle over 4.6 metres through an Essential Energy network area, it is a requirement that you complete a High loads request form.

Look up and Live

Identify the location of overhead and underground powerlines on your property using the Look Up and Live app. Look Up and Live has made overhead powerline locations and imagery available to the public online, at no cost, via an interactive geospatial map. The app provides the ability to search locations in real time and to overlay maps with third party mapping programs, or print, as required. Visit essentialenergy.com.au/lookupandlive

Powerline Markers

Essential Energy can install overhead powerline markers on your property to help increase the visibility of powerlines. Visit essentialenergy.com.au/aerialmarkerprogram  to request aerial markers on your worksite or property. You can also use ground barriers or install appropriate signage at least 8 to 10 metres either side of powerlines.

Order safety collateral

We can provide free safety stickers for use in vehicles and machinery – which can serve as a great reminder of what to do if your vehicle contacts powerlines and can also be used to record the height of your machinery in raised and lowered positions. Order safety collateral

What to do if something goes wrong

If your machinery or equipment comes into contact with the overhead or underground electricity network it’s important you know how to respond.

  • Stay in your vehicle and call 000 immediately
  • If escape is absolutely necessary, jump well clear to avoid contact with the vehicle and ground at the same time
  • When you jump land with your feet together. Do not touch the vehicle, fall or allow your feet to step apart
  • You must shuffle or jump, with your feet together until you are at least 8 metres clear of the vehicle, powerlines or anything else in contact with them
  • Once clear, do not return to the vehicle for any reason
  • Call us on 132080
  • Remember to never approach a vehicle to assist in an evacuation and always treat powerlines as if they are ‘live’.

For more information email public.safety@essentialenergy.com.au or call 132391 and ask to speak to a member of the Public Safety team.

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