Telecommunications Infrastructure

Telecommunication towers

Essential Energy is adapting and responding to the demand of our customers for a safe, fast and resilient telecommunication network. As a result, the TelBu team has been established to connect our regional communities with access to safe, fast and reliable telecommunications by realising the full potential of our network infrastructure.

Radio and Telecommunication sites

TelBu has over 25 years’ experience in building, maintaining, and operating over 170 radio sites across the Essential Energy footprint. This footprint extends into regional and remote areas where we currently provide access to our radio towers as well as secure land for pole and cabinet installations that can be used to service areas that previously would not have been viable for mobile telecommunications. Processes are now in place to enable new and existing customers access to our telecommunication sites across our network.

General enquiries can be directed to our team by emailing Alternatively for installations, constructions, moves and changes please complete the Radio Site Access Request and return as per details within the form.

Poles and streetlights

We also offer access to our power poles and streetlights for equipment installations. Installations are designed to remove any threat to the customer, service, and the condition of the device. TelBu have a dedicated team approving installations of small cells (5G), CCTV, communication equipment and monitoring services on Essential Energy power assets. Opportunities are endless across Essential Energy’s 1.4 million poles and/or streetlights with the introduction of smart cities, advanced technology and monitoring installations keeping communities connected and safe across regional and remote areas.

For access to poles or streetlights please complete the Joint Use Access Request and return as per details within the request form. For general enquiries please contact our team via email on


Fibre enables greater levels of data delivery and is providing faster and more reliable communication options for customers. Essential Energy has deployed more than 1,350 kilometres of fibre across its network. More than 50% of the dark fibre cores are available for utilisation by customers across our network.

For all your fibre requirements please contact our experienced specialists at

For Dark Fibre connections, please complete the ‘Request for Dark Fibre Connection’ form.

More information

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