Accreditation and Authorisation

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What does Authorisation with Essential Energy mean?

Authorisation is permission in writing to an individual, company or firm given by Essential Energy to undertake works on or near Essential Energy’s network in accordance with Essential Energy’s Electricity Network Safety Management System (ENSMS). Authorisation is required from Essential Energy when work is undertaken on the network and remains current only while the authorised person is employed by a Contractor with a current contract or by an Accredited Service Provider (ASP) with current accreditation.

What are the different levels of Accreditation?

Details of the training and qualifications for each level and class are outlined in the NSW Department of Planning and Environment Accreditation of Providers of Contestable Services application form and Scheme Rules.

ASPs can have one or more levels of accreditation.

  • Level 1 – Construction - Accredited to perform construction of network asset, including overhead and underground construction works on both distribution and transmission assets.
  • Level 2 – Service Work and Connection Services - Accredited to perform construction of service lines between distribution systems and point of connection to the premises, including energising new or altered connections.
  • Level 3 – Design Services - Accredited to design network assets for transmission or distribution networks, including underground or overhead services.

For further information regarding the requirements please read CEOP8049 – Network Authorisation Requirements.

How can I get authorised?

You must first be an accredited Company/Business and registered as an individual with the NSW ASP Scheme. Once this is complete, initial ASP authorisation with Essential Energy can be sought by completing CEOF6203 – Application for Authorisation: Contestable Work.

What sort of work will I be able to perform as an Accredited Service Provider (ASP)?

ASP’s must only perform contestable works for which they are authorised, and must have satisfied the skills based training and qualifications relevant to the level and class of authorisation being sought. (See Essential Energy’s Skills & Training Matrix)

Does my authorisation expire?

Yes. You must renew your authorisation annually. As part of an Accredited Service Providers (ASP) authorisation renewal requirement. All authorised workers must provide evidence of currency of annual refresher training from a registered training organisation. This should include Essential Energy’s Electrical Safety Rules training and assessment.

Authorisation is to be renewed annually by completing CEOF6203 – Application for Authorisation: Contestable Work.

How much does it cost to become authorised with Essential Energy?

There are two fees associated with Authorisations for ASPs, applicable to:

  • The ASP entity (Level 1 ASP Agreement) – Initial and Renewal
  • Individuals of an ASP – Initial and Renewal

See items 17.1 and 17.2 in the Price Schedule for Ancillary Network Services for fees associated with Authorisations.

These fees cover Essential Energy’s costs relating to:

  • Confirmation of accreditation and registration status with the Department of Trade and Investment Regional Infrastructure and Services (DTIRIS)
  • Confirmation of entity accreditation status with NSW ASP scheme
  • Induction into unique aspects of the network, safety rules, access permit requirements
  • Confirmation of up-to-date safety training requirements (resuscitation etc)
  • Verification of authorised person associated with the entity & Provision of Authorisation Cards
  • Administrative support directly related to authorisation.

For more information on Authorisations and Training, and to register to gain access to the Essential Connections portal, go to Connections Registration.