Multiple crews working on powerlines

To be authorised to work on Essential Energy’s network, contractors must have successfully completed both nationally recognised training as well as Essential Energy specific training requirements.

What training does Essential Energy provide?

Essential Energy is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO 91233) delivering a range of nationally recognised courses, including courses specifically designed for authorisation to work on or near our network.

Nationally recognised training is applicable to all distribution networks in Australia, and some Units of Competence are contextualised to individual Distribution Network Service Providers (DNSP), including

  • Electrical Safety Rules – Initial and Refresher training
  • Safe Work Practices – Initial and Refresher training

Participants who successfully complete nationally recognised training will receive a Statement of Attainment.

Do I need to be trained by Essential Energy?

Nationally recognised training is contestable and can be delivered by other providers. Training which is specific to Essential Energy needs to be delivered by Essential Energy. Below are examples of Nationally Recognised as well as Essential Energy specific training.

Nationally Recognised

National Refresher Units of Competency from UET Training Package for Accredited Service Providers (ASP)

Safe Work Practices (SWP) - UETDRMP001 - Apply access authority procedures to work on or near electrical apparatus

Essential Energy Specific Training (Non-Nationally Recognised)

Accredited Service Providers (ASP) Network Familiarisation Session for Authorisation, including Access Permit Recipients (APR) Essential Energy specific initial and refresher training

Entry into Electrical Substations course - is available only to businesses / individuals that have an existing contractual arrangement with Essential Energy that requires them to enter an Essential Energy electrical station (e.g. Zone Substation) for the purpose of the contract

Working Near Powerlines (WNP) training - aligned to SafeWork NSW Code of Practice 2006 for work near overhead powerlines 

Contractor Service Providers – Online Enrolment Platform

  • Bulk Service Mains Replacement Program
  • Cable Jointing Authorisation Program
  • Environmental Factors Program
  • Frequency Injection Relay Program
  • Network Asset Health Program
  • Streetlight Maintenance
  • Induction Program
  • Induction - Contract Service Provider
  • Induction - Data Centre
  • Induction - Radio Site


How will training be delivered?

Due to COVID-19 safety protocols some training is now being delivered online, while some specific training courses still require in-person attendance.

For details of which programs are available on-line or in-person, please read about our response to COVID-19.

How often are training courses run?

Training is scheduled according to demand – to discuss training scheduling contact Training Services Administration.

How much does training cost?

Fees for training will vary depending on the course undertaken. Course specific details are available in the online enrolment platform or by contacting the Training Services Administration.

Where can I get more information?

Please refer to our Student Handbook Guide for details on our policies and procedures.

For assistance with your training requirements, contact Training Services Administration at or 0265884570.