Energy efficiency at home

Family in the kitchen

Energy efficiency in your home reduces energy consumption, lowers power bills, and minimises environmental impact by decreasing greenhouse gas emissions. Some things you can do around your home include:

  • Swap incandescent lightbulbs for energy-efficient LEDs.
  • Opt for Energy Star-rated appliances.
  • Insulate your roof to keep heat in during winter and use door snakes to stop heat from escaping through external doors.
  • Use programmable thermostats to save on heating and cooling.
  • Maintain heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems for peak efficiency.
  • Install solar panels for self-generated electricity.
  • Adopt energy-efficient habits, such as unplugging devices when not in use or turning the lights off when you leave a room.

Making choices about different electrical appliances can be tricky, particularly when you are trying to be energy efficient.

And remember, before committing to purchasing or upgrading equipment, consider the upfront costs, and whole of life costs to operate and maintain it. Read more about upgrading appliances and equipment.

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