Shocks and Tingles

Shocks and tingles graphic

If you feel a shock or a tingle from a tap or showerhead in your home, do not touch or enter that area again and call us immediately to report it on 132080.

Experiencing a shock or tingle isn’t normal. It could mean there is an electrical wiring issue in or near your home that might lead to a more dangerous situation.

Once the shock or tingle is reported, our team will investigate as soon as possible.

Remember, if you feel a tingle, give us a tingle. Call 132080.

  1. Experienced a shock or tingle?

    If a severe electrical shock has occurred, stay clear of the shock site. If the shock was from an appliance ensure the electricity has been switched off at the power point, otherwise stay clear of the area and call 000.

    If a minor electrical shock has occurred, you should still seek medical attention. Complications can arise after it has happened, even several hours later, and we can never be sure of the impacts of the electric shock on an individual.

    Do not touch the area again until it has been fixed and is safe to do so.

    Know what to do if you or someone receives an electrical shock.

  2. Call 132080 immediately to report it

    We will send out a crew member as soon as possible. It is likely your power will be temporarily disconnected to safely carry out the inspection.

  3. Fixing the issue or cause

    If the issue is determined to be a network issue, then we will carry out the repair at no cost to the property owner.

    If the problem is determined to be caused by a wiring issue in the property, we will most likely recommend getting in touch with a licensed electrician as soon as possible to fix the issue. In this instance, the responsibility to source and pay for the repairs to the wiring is the responsibility of the property owner.

    To ensure safety to the property owner and those involved in the repair, the electricity to the property will be disconnected.

  4. Reconnection

    Once the repair has been undertaken and it is safe to do so, the power to the property will be reconnected.

If you feel a tingle, give us a tingle on 132080.