Electricity Safety Week

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Electricity Safety Week raises awareness of the hazards associated with electricity and teaches students how to be safe around electricity. The resources have been developed in collaboration with the Department of Education to meet the Science and Technology and PDHPE curriculum requirements for years K - 6.

Electricity Safety Week 2021 will be held 6-10 September. Registrations for a free resource pack have now closed. For more information please contact 0292123888 or essential@primary-pr.com.

Electricity Safety Week at Home

While teachers may not be able to use their interactive resource pack in the classroom until a later date, the good news is that students can still join in some great activities during Electricity Safety Week 6-10 September 2021!

Here are three ways students can participate from home:

Activity 1: Watch our electricity safety video series on YouTube

Students can learn some very important electricity safety messages by watching these videos in our YouTube series. Check out our full list of videos here.

Activity 2: Enter our Be a Safety Star student competitions

Keep children entertained with our fun and educational competitions, plus there’s there a chance to win $1000 for your school P&C association and individual STEM prizes for winners and runners up. Entry deadline has been extended to 5 November 2021.

Activity 3: Try some fun activities

Our online teaching resources include an Electricity & Safety Unit Lesson Book for Stage 3 with STEM design challenges, Electricity Safety Lesson Book for K-6 and four interactive whiteboard lessons featuring activities, videos and teachers’ notes that will engage your students in learning about electricity and how to be safe around it. Access these resources and more below.

Electricity & Safety Unit for Year 6 Students
Electricity and Safety Unit Lesson Book for Stage 3 (PDF, 2.6MB)
Interactive whiteboard lesson 1
- What do we know about electricity?
- What is energy?
- Transforming energy
Interactive whiteboard lesson 2
- Electricity safety
Interactive whiteboard lesson 3
- Electricity generation and transmission
- Exploring electrical circuits
Interactive whiteboard lesson 4
- Investigating conductors and insulators
- Investigating series and parallel circuits
- Transforming energy

Electricity Safety Week Resources for K-6
Electricity and Safety Unit Lesson Book for Stage 3 (PDF, 2.6MB)
Electricity Safety Lesson Book for K-6 (PDF, 4.6MB)
Merit certificate (PDF, 602KB)
Electricity Made Easy booklet (PDF, 1.8MB)
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