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Before You Dig Australia' is a free, not for profit service that aims to protect Australia's underground pipes and cables.

Essential Energy is a member of the 'Before You Dig Australia' service for our electricity and water networks.

It's up to you!

Did you know that you could be held responsible for any damage caused to underground networks? The Electricity Supply Act requires you to obtain certain information before carrying out some excavation work. So next time you are planning to do some digging or excavating you should contact 'Before You Dig Australia' to determine if there are any underground pipes and/or cables present.

This service is important for Essential Energy's regional customers as damage can be caused by equipment typically used by farmers and fencing contractors.

Download 'Before You Dig Australia app or access 'Dial Before You Dig'.

Plans typically arrive within minutes but allow up to two business days.

Contact Essential Energy for further information.

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