Meter Data Requests

Inspecting a meter

Who is responsible for my electricity meter?

Your energy retailer is responsible for installing, reading, and replacing your electricity meter after the introduction of the ‘Power of Choice’ regulations in December 2017. Essential Energy remains responsible for any ‘legacy’ meters, installed by us before the ‘Power of Choice’ change came into effect.

How can I determine if I have a ‘legacy’ meter?

‘Legacy’ meters require a manual reading by our contractors and typically feature ‘Essential Energy’ branding. Generally, meters installed by retailers after the 2017 ‘Power of Choice’ rule change have been smart meters.

What is a ‘smart’ meter?

Modern digital electricity meters are called ‘smart’ meters and are not normally read manually. These meters transmit electricity usage data to your energy retailer remotely.

When do electricity meters get upgraded?

Your meter may be upgraded if:

  • You are making a new residential or business connection to the Essential Energy network
  • You are adding embedded generation to your home or business, such as Solar PV and Batteries
  • Your meter stops working, or its performance deteriorates
  • Your retailer has nominated your meter for upgrade as part of a meter replacement program.

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