Storm Safety

Lightning near powerlines

This storm season stay aware, stay safe.

Be prepared

  • Remove loose debris, which could become airborne in strong winds
  • Trim trees around the house - do not attempt to prune trees in or near powerlines - call us on 132391 or visit for information
  • Unplug your television, computer, modem and other sensitive electrical equipment during a storm and minimise the use of telephones and electrical appliances
  • Keep a torch and battery powered radio in an easily accessible place in the event of a power outage
  • Keep an eye on the weather by visiting

Keep an eye out for damage to the electricity network

Damaged or fallen powerlines can be hard to spot. Indicators of potential damage may include:

  • flickering or no power supply
  • burnt areas in paddocks or roadsides
  • injured or downed stock
  • smoke or fallen trees.

Call us on 132080 if you see fallen or damaged powerlines.

Always stay at least 8 metres away from the line and anything in contact with it and report the fault immediately.

Emergency escape

If your vehicle makes contact with overhead or underground powerlines:

  • Stay in your vehicle and call 000 immediately
  • If escape is absolutely necessary, jump well clear to avoid contact with the vehicle and ground at the same time
  • When you jump land with your feet together. Do not touch the vehicle, fall or allow your feet to step apart
  • You must shuffle or jump, with your feet together until you are at least 8 metres clear of the vehicle, powerlines or anything else in contact with them
  • Once clear, do not return to the vehicle for any reason
  • Call us on 132080
  • Remember to never approach a vehicle to assist in an evacuation and always treat powerlines as if they are ‘live’.

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