Battery Storage

Battery storage

Battery Storage Systems, Hybrid Systems, Home or Solar Batteries, and Energy Storage Systems are all terms used to describe a wide range of products you can have installed on your premises.

Essential Energy does not supply battery storage systems, however we support the installation of all small scale embedded storage and installations of battery systems on our network through the Clean Energy Council and accredited solar installers with an endorsement in energy storage.

Battery Installation

Most of the works involved in the connection process are contestable. This means that you can choose from a list of independent Accredited Service Providers (ASPs) to do the work. The Accredited Solar Installer or Accredited Service Provider you choose will need to submit a Connection Application Form through our Connection Portal for approval prior to installation of the battery storage system.

Information Requirements

To ensure Essential Energy can manage load capacity requirements, and maintain a constant/continuous electricity supply to your premises, the following details about any storage systems connected to our network, including battery, will be required on the Connection Application Form because of the potential Network Power Quality issues associated with their installation:

  • Storage Type
  • Connection Arrangement
  • Inverter Make/Model
  • Inverter Rating (kW)Storage Capacity (kWh)

Find out more

Visit our Getting Started page for an overview of the application process for new and altered connections, including for solar and battery storage.