FAQs from land owners

Your land is home to a communications facility that helps Essential Energy conduct business successfully ensuring efficient electricity services and safety to staff and customers. We depend on, and value, your partnership and have compiled a list of our Landowner’s most commonly asked questions.

  • There is an Essential Energy tower on our property who can I contact about this?
  • I have transferred / sold my property, what steps should I take to ensure Essential Energy is aware of this?

    Any changes to property ownership must be submitted in writing giving evidence with correct documentation. These documents are required to protect the interest of all parties concerned. Essential Energy must have legal proof of ownership of the land on which the tower is located. Download the change of ownership form.

  • I have misplaced my lease / licence agreement, where can I get a copy?

    Call 132391 and ask to speak to a member of the Radio Site Management Team.

  • Who should I contact about missing or incorrect payments?

    Call 132391, ask to speak to a member of the Radio Site Management Team and we will trace the payment for you.

  • Can I sell the land the tower is on to Essential Energy?

    We are not opposed to purchasing the land that our infrastructure resides on and if this is an option you would like to discuss please call 132391 and ask to speak to a member of the Radio Site Management Team.

  • How can I get a copy of the insurance details for the tower occupying my land?

    If you require details regarding Essential Energy insurance matters relating to the infrastructure on your property you can contact the Radio Site Management Team on 132391.

FAQs from tenants

You are a valued tenant on one of Essential Energy’s Radio Facilities. It is Essential Energy’s priority to keep our sites safe and secure with your help.

  • I noticed damage to one of Essential Energy's radio facilities who can I report his to?

    We have a Property Services Help Desk where you can report damage to radio site the number is 1800 678 624.

  • What am I required to do to become a tenant on one of Essential Energy's radio facilities?

    If you would like to become a tenant on one of our radio sites you will need to read the co-user terms and conditions and complete the Essential Energy Radio Site Access Application Form.

  • My agreement with Essential Energy is due for renewal who should I speak to?

    You need to contact the Radio Site Management Team on 1800 678 624.

  • I am a tenant of Essential Energy’s however would like to install extra equipment, what process should I take?

    You will need to complete the original Access Form again. The completed form should list your equipment already installed at the site as well as the additional equipment you wish to install. This will ensure we have an accurate and up to record of all your equipment installed at the site.