Metering and Micro Embedded Generators

What type of meter is required?

To accurately record the energy you return to the grid your current meter must be replaced if it is a Basic meter, or reprogrammed if it is an existing Smart meter. The new meter records energy flows in both directions – from the network to your premises, and from your micro embedded generator back into the grid, ensuring compliance to National Metering standards.

With net metering, both your consumption from the distribution network and generation is measured, with only excess energy recorded in your export register and sent to the grid.

You should contact your retailer regarding metering arrangements associated with the installation of an embedded generation system before you commit to purchasing your system.

Do I have to change my meter?

Your meter will need to be replaced if your current meter is not capable of bi-directional (two-way) energy measurement. National Market rules state that when bi-directional energy flows occur a meter capable of measuring this energy must be installed. This metering arrangement ensures all energy flows comply with National Market standards and needs to be arranged through your retailer.

How do I get a Smart meter?

Contact your retailer regarding any metering arrangements. Costs associated with the purchase and installation of the meter are your responsibility.