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Our Community Choices program provides our customers with the opportunity to vote on causes that can do with extra support on their area. A total of $175,000 will be shared by eligible groups in 20 zones across our network area.

Even the biggest hearts need a little boost, so let’s take this opportunity to give back to our real local heroes.

Nominations open at 9am on 1 May and close at 5pm on 17 May 2019. Voting will take place from 9am on 21 May to 5pm on 31 May 2019.

How to apply

Terms and conditions apply. 

Community Choices eligibility criteria

To be eligible groups must:

  • Be located within Essential Energy’s network area;
  • Be a charity, registered not-for profit group or community group. Note that community halls run by Council Section 355 Committees are eligible, however Councils are not eligible to apply;
  • Be able to receive payment via EFT only;
  • Be able to provide content such as photos and commentary about the stories associated with the nominated applicant by the requested date outlined in the acceptance letter;
  • Provide a PHOTOCOPY of either a deposit slip or bank account header (with financial details covered) showing the BSB, account name and account number for the group along with their application form; and
  • Have a valid email address which will be used for communications relating to the Community Choices program. 

Groups are not eligible if they:

  • Are located outside of Essential Energy’s network area
  • Are the sole responsibility of Local, State or Federal Government
  • Provide personal bank account details
  • Do not reflect Essential Energy’s values
  • Involve any type of unlawful activity
  • Involve gambling, betting or gaming
  • Solely support political and/or religious organisations
  • Present a safety risk to the community
  • Denigrate, exclude or offend minority community groups
  • Create environmental hazards
  • Do not reflect community standards
  • Have narrow community involvement
  • Have or may have any perceived conflict of interest
  • Fail to provide content such as photos and commentary about the stories associated with this group. Groups will be ineligible to apply in the following year if this is not provided by the requested date outlined in the acceptance letter
  • Have received Community Choices funding in the previous financial year. 

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