Community Support Program

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Our Community Support program forms part of our Essential Communities Sponsorship Program.

The Community Support stream of funding offers grants to community groups who make a difference in their local community.

Community Support eligibility criteria

We will consider all proposals however organisations are not eligible if they:

  • are located outside of Essential Energy’s network area
  • don’t provide support to communities within Essential Energy’s network area
  • are not a charity or not-for-profit organisation
  • are the sole responsibility of Local, State or Federal Government
  • receive recurring government grants (such as SES, RFS and VRA)
  • provide personal bank account details
  • do not reflect Essential Energy’s values
  • involve any type of unlawful activity
  • involve gambling, betting or gaming
  • feature alcohol in the name of the event or alcohol is promoted as intrinsic to the event
  • solely support political and/or religious organisations
  • are controversial or divisive
  • present a safety risk to the community
  • denigrate, exclude or offend minority community groups
  • create environmental hazards
  • do not reflect community standards
  • have narrow community involvement
  • only support or benefit an individual or employee
  • only support a sporting club or team
  • have or may have any perceived conflict of interest.

Approval is at the complete discretion of Essential Energy. Applicants who receive the Community Support funding agree to Essential Energy sharing the groups’ story and the publishing of associated content and photos.

Sponsorship proposal mandatory inclusions

  • key details of the opportunity
  • the types of stories you will be able to provide
  • list of other benefits you will provide
  • outline of your target markets
  • overview of your marketing plan, if you have one
  • a list of sponsors who have committed to date.    

Conditions of sponsorship

As part of your sponsorship from Essential Energy, you agree to fulfil requirements including (but not exclusive to);

A minimum of three of the following for sponsorships valued less than $5,000 and six of the following if valued at $5,000 and over:  

  • a natural link with Essential Energy’s brand positioning
  • benefits that we can pass along to many of our customers. Feel free to use your imagination
  • inclusion in email newsletters, or other distribution of our marketing materials to your target markets, e.g. Powerline Safety
  • promotion of Essential Energy initiatives (Powerline Safety, Essential Communities, etc) in your social media channels
  • direct, face-to-face access to your fans (attendees, members, etc)
  • space at the event for on-site activations
  • access to industry leaders and/or innovators, particularly for the creation of exclusive content
  • ability for Essential Energy staff to participate in a meaningful way.

A commitment to provide Essential Energy with content:

  • Community based content (images, videos, text-based stories) outlining your commitment to, and impact on your local community. This content will be shared in our internal and external communications and a key deliverable in order to maintain your sponsorship with Essential Energy is to deliver this content to us in a timely and effective manner.

Please note: Proposals that include stories will be considered ahead of those that don’t supply this option. Additionally, you may jeopardise your eligibility for future sponsorship if stories are withheld or not supplied.

Key links

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Application process

To apply for Community Support funding, please complete the online form. Your local Community Relations Manager will review the application and be in touch.

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