Corporate Strategy

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Essential Energy’s Vision to ‘Empower communities to share and use energy for a better tomorrow’ is underpinned by its purpose, to enable energy solutions that improve life.

When we consider our Corporate Strategy, right at the heart of that are our customers in regional, rural and remote communities. Like the diversity of our landscapes, our people and communities are all equally unique and valuable; so, it takes a collaborative approach to ensure we are meeting their current and future needs.

Our Corporate Strategy is therefore developed by reviewing customer research and data, assessing industry trends and factors affecting the future, and forming strategic pillars that are robust and forward looking. The strategy’s four pillars aim to strengthen the core of the business and enable the network of the future; drive connections and load; facilitate Electric Vehicle (EV) adoption; and enable smart communities and new customer solutions.

Corporate Strategy pillars

Our strategy sets a clear direction to meet the current and future needs of the communities we serve. Safety, reliability and affordability remain as our commitment to customers while recognising the growing role of the electricity sector, and the distribution network specifically, in the transition to a lower carbon world.

To bring this direction to life, we are reliant on continuing to prioritise the progress of our transformation ambitions - to deliver real reductions in customers’ distribution network charges, the capabilities we need to deliver the strategy and a satisfactory return on capital employed.

We also prioritise activities that generate increased utilisation of our network – encouraging more load onto the network and facilitating new generation connections – as well as expanding the capability of the network to respond to the increasing digitisation of the economy.

By collaborating with communities and customers, together we can facilitate NSW’s future development and sustainability; and embrace change now and into the future.

We look forward to an exciting and thriving future through the implementation of this Strategy.

If you wish to engage with us on current projects, or learn more about our plans for the future, register at or contact us on 132391.