Level 3 ASP Authorisation

Register companies and individuals for Level 3 ASP Authorisation

All companies and individuals performing contestable work on or near the Essential Energy network must register under our Authorisation Framework.

As a Level 3 ASP, you or your company can design network assets for transmission or distribution networks.

Follow the steps below to apply for Level 3 ASP Authorisation.

Step 1 - Gather supporting documentation and submit

Please complete the below form along with the following mandatory attachments:

  • EIA External Training Form 
  • ASP Data Request Essential Connections Template 
  • Your Company Accreditation Letter issued by NSW Department of Planning, Industry & Environment
  • Registration of Employee letter issued by NSW department of Planning, Industry & Environment. Required for each registered person in your business

Employees not registered with NSW Department of Planning, Industry & Environment?
Please confirm that you have verified their identity as part of your onboarding process.

Step 2 - Watch Level 3 ASP Information Presentation

Please read the Level 3 ASP Information Presentation [link] which covers:

  • Accreditation and registration requirements
  • Access to Essential Energy’s Document Library
  • Training requirements for Environmental impact Assessments
  • Access to Neutron Earthing Software
  • Work Health & Safety Obligations

Step 3 - Receive authorisation and Essential Connections registration

Once we have received and verified your information, we will register you in our secure Essential Connections portal.

As a registered user, you can submit enquiries, make applications and track open cases. Please let us know if your qualified personnel also needs access to our portal.

Complete the Level 3 ASP - Company Authorisation form

Complete the Level 3 ASP - Add New Individual form