Customer needs key to energy transition

14 February 2022

The Energy Charter Independent Accountability Panel (IAP) has recognised Essential Energy, a founding Energy Charter member, for its commitment to building stronger customers ties through a challenging year, in the Panel’s report released in December.

In its third annual report, the Panel also challenged Energy Charter signatories to intensify their ambition to support an equitable energy transition and extend past years’ achievements to improve customer outcomes into everyday operations.

Essential Energy CEO, John Cleland, said of the report, “We proud of our achievements since joining the Energy Charter and with our own organisation’s transformation. We also acknowledge the Panel’s encouragement to continue to develop a more nuanced relationship with customers; and the need to balance system cost and overall cost of energy.”

In its Disclosure statement, Essential Energy detailed affordability activities including co-designing cost reflective tariff trials with customers and stakeholders and implementing an Investment Value Framework to ensure decisions reflect customer value.

Mr Cleland said “It is gratifying to have the Panel’s validation on our focus on deep customer understanding, and our program supporting customers at risk of disconnection. We are also proud to have our employees’ exemplary efforts during disasters – fires, floods and the COVID-19 pandemic – acknowledged, as this is a very real way each and every one of our employees has contributed to the higher goals we are committed to as part of the Energy Charter.”

“We’re committed to supporting customers facing vulnerable circumstances with a range of support measures, including rapid implementation of support for flood-affected customers in March 2021. The year also saw increased capability through training for customer teams to identify and provide support to customers in vulnerable circumstances,” continued Mr Cleland.

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