Corporate Profile

Crew repairing a powerline

Essential Energy is responsible for building, operating and maintaining one of Australia’s largest electricity networks – delivering essential electricity network services to more than 800,000 homes and businesses across 95 per cent of NSW and parts of southern Queensland.

Our electricity distribution network is funded through a five-yearly distribution network revenue determination made by the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) in accordance with the National Electricity Law and National Electricity Rules economic regulatory framework.

With approximately 2,900 employees based in over 100 local depots and regional offices, Essential Energy is one of the largest employers in regional NSW.

Our operating division, Essential Water, also operates services for approximately 19,800 customers (including around 10,530 water services customers in Broken Hill, Menindee, Sunset Strip, and Silverton, and around 9,270 sewerage services customers in Broken Hill).

Our focus is on continuously improving our safety performance for employees, contractors and the community and ensuring the reliability, security, and cost efficiency of the network, while striving to maintain downward pressure on the network component of customers' electricity bills.

Essential Energy’s operations are focused on achieving enhanced customer engagement, investing in best practice systems, processes and technology, and improving commercial capabilities to enable the business to operate safely and efficiently.