Aerial inspections provide a bird's eye view of the network to identify faults or potential problems. These inspections form part of our ongoing inspection program, along with ground inspections as required, to ensure the network is in good condition.

The Aerial inspections collect information about the network and the immediate surrounding area. There are two types of information collected namely High Definition Pole Top Photography and LiDAR point cloud.

Current programs

  • Pre Summer Bushfire Inspection Program (PSBI)
  • Fireground HD Imagery and Assessment Program
  • LiDAR Data Acquisition Program

Pre Summer Bushfire Inspection Program (PSBI)

The PSBI Program involves the visual inspection of the Essential Energy Network in areas identified as High Bushfire Risk. This program involves a fixed wing aircraft flying at low altitude, below 500ft, supported by ground patrols where required to inspect the Essential Energy Network to ensure it is in sound condition before the Bushfire Season. This plane will be displaying signage “Essential Energy Aerial Patrol”. View the schedule

Aerial patrol plane

Pole photography enables us to identify defects on poles to allow maintenance before they become dangerous failures. 

Pole top photo from aerial inspection

The corridor photos give us the overall context of the span and easement condition.

Corridor photo from aerial inspection

Fireground HD Imagery and Assessment Program

This program involves a helicopter flying below 500ft using a camera to capture HD images of 25,000 Pole Assets in the fire ground affected areas. These images support maintenance activities on the network to improve network safety and reliability. View the schedule


LiDAR Data Acquisition Program

The 2021 LiDAR Acquisition Program involves the survey of 28,000kms of powerlines that will support Essential Energy’s ongoing network maintenance activities.

LiDAR is a surveying method which enables us to make three-dimensional models of the poles and wires to determine distance to vegetation, for bushfire risks identification and distance to the ground to identify public risks. View the schedule

LiDAR aircraft

Aerial patrol schedule

Aerial Patrols are an efficient method of ensuring that the electricity network is adequately maintained. Public notifications are issued prior to Aerial Inspections taking place within each area. If you have specific circumstances that require additional notification you can register for aerial notification prior to fly over.

Aerial patrols currently scheduled are listed below.

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May 2022

Queanbeyan and surrounding area
Yass and surrounding area
Cooma and surrounding area
Condobolin and surrounding area
Bombala and surrounding area
Jindabyne and surrounding area
Bega and surrounding area
Tumut and surrounding area
Canowindra and surrounding area
Orange and surrounding area
Kempsey and surrounding area
Casino and surrounding area