In late 2014, a new National Electricity Rule was introduced, requiring electricity distribution businesses like Essential Energy to introduce ‘cost reflective’ network tariffs.

Network tariffs cover the costs of the electricity network, including infrastructure, staff, maintenance of poles and wires and bushfire risk management programs. They make up about 40 per cent of an average residential electricity bill. 

In developing our tariffs, Essential Energy aims to reduce real long-term average prices by promoting efficient network investment and utilisation. The key objective of our TSS is to ensure that our customers have a clear understanding of:

  • Why we are proposing changes to our tariffs
  • Our proposed network tariff structures
  • How our tariffs promote efficient network investment and utilisation
  • The impact on customers of our proposed changes
  • How we plan to transition customers to these new network tariffs.
2019-24 Tariff Structure Statement Documents Size
2019-24 Revised Tariff Structure Statement 3545KB
Attachment 1 - Tariff Structure Explanatory Statement 2641KB
Attachment 2 - Revised Indicative NUOS Pricing Schedule 239KB
Attachment 3 - Revised Indicative Ancillary Network Services Pricing Schedule 580KB
Attachment 4 - Revised Indicative Metering Services Pricing Schedule 96KB
Attachment 5 - Revised Indicative Public Lighting Pricing Schedule 112KB
2019-24 Tariff Structure Statement 9295KB
2019-24 Tariff Structure Statement Overview 9296KB
Network tariff assignment and reassignment policy 275KB


2017-19 Tariff Structure Statement Documents Size
2017-19 Revised Tariff Structure Statement
2017-19 Revised Overview Of Our TSS
Revised Indicative NUOS Pricing Schedule
Addendum To Our TSS - Explanations And Reasoning
Cover Letter - Proposed TSS to AER
Tariff Structure Statement
Attachment 1 - Overview Of Our TSS
Attachment 2 - Indicative NUOS Pricing Schedule
Attachment 3 - Acil Allen Stakeholder Engagement Report
Attachment 4 - Economic Report From Houston Kemp
Attachment 6 - Policy Tariff Assignment And Reassignment
Attachment 7 - Alternative Control Pricing Schedule
Attachment 8 - NNSW Issues Paper - An Invitation To Comment
Attachment 9 - NNSW TSS Stakeholder Engagement Strategy
Attachment 10 - CSIRO Study - Australian Consumers Likely Response To Cost-Reflective Electricity Pricing


Feedback on this TSS

A key objective of this TSS is to reflect on the views of our customers and stakeholders when preparing our proposal. Essential Energy’s customers and stakeholders can provide feedback on this proposed TSS and supporting documents through the following channels:

Manager Network Regulation
Essential Energy
PO Box 5730
Port Macquarie NSW 2444

Phone: 132391


Customers can also provide feedback and comments on Essential Energy’s Tariff Structure Statement to the AER at