How we designed the tariffs to trial

We know our network experiences some problems, and after extensive consultations with households and business as well as key stakeholders, we co-designed potential tariffs which give price signals on how electricity consumption is impacting network costs.

Looking into the future, the trials also have the potential to be rolled out on a broad-scale across all households and small businesses – while most other networks focus trials on customers who have certain technologies.

To understand how we can send the right price signals to households and business, we are partnering with some electricity retailers to trial new network prices for customers.

You can go on to a trial tariff voluntarily and be involved in research to see what drives and motivates you to change the way you use electricity. Those people on the trials will get vouchers to complete surveys and the chance to be involved in prize draws. If you do participate, you will not pay anymore than you would have paid were you not on the trials and if you make a saving on your new tariff, you can pocket the difference!

These retailers include: 

Discover Energy is a tech-driven energy retailer working to advance the revolution in sustainable renewable energy through offering innovative solutions. Find out more by visiting

Red Energy is 100% owned by Snowy Hydro Limited, who own, manage, and maintain the Snowy Mountains Hydro-electric Scheme in NSW. Visit for more information.

We are working with the University of NSW to look at how these trial tariffs impact different households and businesses from a bill and liveability perspective. Things we will consider in our research will include things like the climate where you live, the size of your home, how many people live in your home, what the home is built of, whether you have solar panels or other new technologies and whether you work at home.

We are also conducting an education-only trial to determine how much impact education-only can drive.

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We build the network to manage the handful of peak demand days each year, but for most days of the year, there is spare capacity especially between the hours of 10am and 3pm.

Simple things, like using appliances between 10 and 3 will change how you are charged in the future.