Essential Energy recognises that there are members of the community who experience financial stress or hardship, and as such may be unable to pay for necessary work required by Essential Energy - we also recognise that electricity is an essential service.

Our Customer Support policy seeks to minimise the instances of disconnections from the network and protect public safety. The policy also provides guidelines for identifying, assessing and supporting customers and is our 'Hardship Policy' for the Electricity Supply Act and other legislation that governs Essential Energy. 

Identification of customers eligible for support

Eligible customers may be experiencing one or more of the following factors:

  • reliance on government assistance or Centrelink payments including the Age Pension
  • unemployed
  • low income
  • sudden loss of income or substantial reduction in income
  • suffering from a physical or mental illness, or caring for someone with an illness
  • living with a physical or intellectual disability, or caring for some with a disability
  • experiencing domestic violence
  • change in the make-up of the family unit
  • involved in legal proceedings
  • death in the family
  • impacted by a natural calamity such as fire, drought, flood or storm damage
  • the amount you are required to pay is greater than you can afford to pay.

Type of support available

Once eligibility for support has been confirmed assistance can include:

  • Flexible payment options
  • Writing off the debt
  • Assistance with payments to third parties.

How to seek support

For a confidential discussion and eligibility assessment, please call us on 13 23 91. We will let you know which documents you need to send us in support of your request, and what support you are eligible for.

Find out more

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