Prepare for extreme weather with free StormTracker

09 February 2022

With wild weather causing swathes of damage across much of NSW, Essential Energy is reminding homes and businesses about its in-demand free StormTracker tool.

Averaging 6,000 views per day during storm season, StormTracker has been a valuable tool, helping the community prepare for extreme weather.

Operations Manager Mid North Coast, Mathew Reedy, said that Essential Energy provides a high accuracy, easy to use online tool, to help customers be prepared by tracking storms as they approach.

“The StormTracker tool is the most popular page on our website, and is a great way to monitor the weather, and check whether a storm cell is likely to impact your home or business.”

“In peak storm season through summer 2021-22, the StormTracker averaged 185,000 views per month.”

“Over the next few months, we’re expecting more frequent and extreme weather events that may lead to power outages. In the last few weeks, we’ve already seen trees, roofing and even trampolines being blown into powerlines, along with lightning strikes on the network,” Mathew said.

“Think about how a possible power outage will affect you and your family and put together a plan.”

Essential Energy has shared the following tips to help guide customers when making their plans.

  • Ensure you have at least 24 hours of drinking water for all household members. Even if power remains on at your home, electricity supply to local water supply pumps may be impacted.
  • Purchase a battery powered AM/FM radio and change the batteries regularly so you can receive news and emergency broadcasts.
  • Have at least one torch and ensure new batteries are available.
  • Test and refuel any backup petrol or diesel water pumps and generators, in advance. Generators are a good backup for items like fridges and freezers, and for those in your family who may rely on medical devices.
  • Ensure that you know how to bypass or manually operate electric gates, electric locks and garage doors on your property - turn off the power and practice when there’s no storms about.
  • Ensure your electricity retailer has your current mobile number so we can contact you by SMS.
  • Know where your Neighbourhood Safer Place is.

“Always stay at least eight metres away from a powerline on the ground, objects in contact with wires, or a low hanging powerline. Do not touch the line or object in contact with it. Always assume it is live and report it to Essential Energy on 132080 as soon as possible,” Mathew said.

Essential Energy’s StormTracker can be found at

“Customers can find information about specific areas impacted by power outages and current expected power restoration at or contacting us on 132080,” Mathew said.