Electrical safety in floods an essential priority

20 March 2021

With the heavy rain and flooding across parts of the Mid North Coast NSW, Essential Energy is reminding residents and emergency workers of the importance of being vigilant when it comes to electrical safety.

Essential Energy’s Operations Manager Mid North Coast, Mat Reedy said people should follow some basic electrical safety tips – whether preparing for flood waters, when a property is in flood or after the water has receded.

“Given the heavy rain across the Mid North Coast people need to be aware of possible electrical dangers and know what safety precautions they can take during each stage to ensure their own safety and that of their families – our electrical flood safety tips are designed as a ready reference for our customers.

“Most importantly, no one should enter a property that has been affected by flood waters without first ensuring the energised electrical wiring has been shut off or disconnected,” Mat said.

Customers with solar panel installations should take care to stay well clear when returning to homes or businesses.

“Solar panels or Photovoltaic Arrays (PV Arrays) can generate an electrical current regardless of whether or not the electricity has been turned off,” Mat said.

“If you’re unsure about the state of your solar panel installation, contact your installer or a licensed electrician before turning the equipment on.”

For more information www.essentialenergy.com.au/summersafety has helpful tips about preparing for floods and storm.

Media contact: Raelene Myers, Community Relations Manager
M: 0407 518 170