Telco solutions to bring benefits for customers

05 September 2023

As a business that prides itself on a close connection to the communities in which it operates, Essential Energy is continually evolving and innovating to better respond to the needs of customers.

Essential Energy’s network covers 95 per cent of NSW and our people are deeply embedded within communities across the State, uniquely positioning the business to harness its infrastructure and expertise for the benefit of regional NSW.

With customers – both residential and business – vocal about the need for a safe, fast and resilient telecommunications network, it made sense for Essential Energy to explore how the existing distribution network could help support mobile and data services.

To assist in this process, Essential Energy established a Telecommunications Business unit dedicated to commercialising and developing wireless and fibre telecommunication assets across the electricity distribution network.

Working with councils, the NSW Government and the nation’s telecommunications carriers, the team is actively cultivating opportunities for improved connectivity within our communities, including schools, businesses and essential services.

Essential Energy is currently working with the major telcos to open up the network for the accelerated rollout of 5G mobile services, a gamechanger for regional NSW. Using the existing infrastructure of Essential Energy’s, helps saves time and resources for the telcos, reduces approval processes and mitigates the need to encroach on private properties.

By combining Essential Energy’s infrastructure network of 1.4 million poles with innovative telco solutions, the partnerships will clear the way for enhanced connectivity, empowering both residential and business customers. Watch this space.