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Power outages due to flooding

Do not enter a property that has been affected by flood waters without first ensuring the energised electrical wiring has been shut off or disconnected. If you are concerned about flooding impacting your property, please read flood safety and storm safety, for advice on electricity safety before, during and after floods and storms.

Stay up to date with power outages in your area.

For the latest flood information, download the Hazards Near Me app and listen to local ABC radio. For road closures information visit the Live Traffic NSW website.

All fallen powerlines must be treated as live. If parts of the electricity network or fallen powerlines are covered in flood waters stay at least 150 metres away because water conducts electricity. In all other cases, keep at least eight metres away from any wires that appear to be damaged, sagging or have fallen to the ground, or any object they are in contact with including fences, water pipes and trees. To report fallen powerlines, call us immediately on 132080 or Triple-0 (000) if the situation is life-threatening.

For customers returning home, it’s important to note that to ensure their safety, Essential Energy may have disconnected your power if there is evidence of the property being inundated with water. If a property has been flooded or Essential Energy has turned your power off, you will need to arrange for a qualified electrician to visually inspect and test your electrical installation supply and for an Accredited Service Provider (ASP) or Essential Energy to reconnect your power. For information about this process, see reconnecting to our network after flooding.

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There are currently no major floods affecting our network.

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Monitor road closures from the Live Traffic NSW website
View the latest power outage information
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