Reconnecting to our network after flooding

Flooded road

To get your power back on after your property has been flooded:

  1. You will need CEOF2482 - Premises Restoration Verification Certificate. Note that crews may have already left this form for you.
  2. Engage a licensed electrical contractor to carry out a safety and compliance inspection.
  3. Instruct your electrical contractor to complete this form and leave with you.
    - The contractor will need to log Certificate of Compliance for Electrical Work (CCEW) with us as soon as possible and leave a copy with you for reference.
  4. If your electrical contractor is a Level 2 Accredited Service Provider (ASP), they may be able to restore power to your property. Please note this will depend on the results of their safety inspection and any necessary repairs.
  5. If your electrical contractor is NOT a Level 2 ASP, you will ALSO need to employ a Level 2 ASP to reconnect your property once your electrical contractor has inspected and safety certified your property.
    - A list of Level 2 ASPs is available from the NSW Government Energy Saver website.
  6. Your Level 2 ASP will submit a Notification of Service Work to Essential Energy once your property has had power restored.
    - If you are unable to find a Level 2 ASP following completion of a safety and compliance inspection, please contact us to have power restored.
    - Essential Energy will then restore power to your property.
    - We will waive the normal reconnection fee for flood-affected customers.

You will need to pay the electrical contractor for the safety and compliance inspection and power restoration by the Level 2 ASP.

Essential Energy will reimburse the costs for reconnection only (not safety inspections or electrical repairs) up to $350.

To claim your reimbursement:

Email and provide the following documents:

The Customer Contact Centre will provide you with a Case Number by return email. Please keep this number as your reference.

Once approved, we will process your reimbursement of up to $350 to pay for the Level 2 ASP reconnection fee.

If your home was completely destroyed by the floods and you will be rebuilding:

Essential Energy will contribute $600 toward supporting you to reconnect to our network. You have two years to apply for this contribution.

  1. Your ASP will need to contact us to submit a New Connection Application on your behalf when you are ready to rebuild
    - Select new ‘Rural New Connection’ to ensure we identify you as a flood-affected customer
    - Add to the notes on the form that you are a ‘flood-affected customer’.
  2. Essential Energy will send you or your ASP an Offer to Connect.
    - This will also confirm our $600 contribution.
  3. Accept the Offer to Connect
  4. To receive your $600 contribution, email and provide:
    - Paid tax invoice from your Level 2 ASP
    - Completed New Vendor Information form, to enable us to process your payment.

Please note, any customers facing financial stress or hardship can contact our Customer Contact centre to discuss what options may be available.

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