Electrification For Agriculture Businesses

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We understand that for farmers and those working in agriculture, electrification using renewable energy sources can be challenging.

Having an electrification plan is a good place to start. Consider what is viable now to change, and what you might change in the future.

When planned properly, using renewable energy can improve productivity, lower costs, and increase profits over time. Using renewable energy as a generation source can modernise your farming, enhance your energy efficiency and reduce running costs but we know it won’t happen overnight.

Electrification for agriculture

Key electrification considerations

Agriculture is such a broad-ranging industry, and therefore, every farm, property and business will operate differently. General considerations include:

  • Access to sufficient charging infrastructure for vehicles and equipment.
  • Any associated downtime brought on by the requirement to recharge equipment.
  • Towing considerations and the added tare weight of batteries when used on vehicles in agricultural settings.
  • Optimising farm logistics to deliver efficient and effective operations while leveraging the opportunities from regenerative braking.
  • Access to financial support when looking to transition.   

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Ian Askell Electrification Specialist

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