Electric Vehicles

Charging an electric vehicle

We are committed to playing an active role in supporting the transition to electric vehicles across our footprint in line with the NSW Government’s EV Strategy.

We are doing this by actively working with councils, fleet managers, businesses, government and charge-point operators to accelerate growth in the availability of charging stations through our network.

More charging stations across regional, rural and remote areas will help overcome one of the main barriers for those looking to purchase an EV - range anxiety. See what the NSW Government is doing to support the roll out through its Electric Vehicle Fast Charging Grants.

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Electric vehicles can provide benefits for communities and individuals.

Reduced running costs

While electric vehicles are currently more expensive to buy up front than their petrol or diesel counterparts, they can be significantly less costly to run – particularly over the longer term or when higher distances are covered.

Tools such as the Transport for NSW Total Cost of Ownership calculator, can help you compare costs between different vehicle types.

Reduced maintenance costs

Battery electric vehicles are mechanically simpler than petrol or diesel-powered cars. The number of moving parts and complexity is much lower, meaning servicing becomes relatively easier and may be required less frequently.

For more information, visit the Transport for NSW Why Buy an Electric Vehicle site.

Reduced greenhouse gas emissions

As battery electric vehicles produce no tailpipe exhaust emissions, the air around us becomes cleaner and that environmental impact from driving is minimised. This benefit becomes even greater when charging from a renewable energy source like a solar PV system.

For more information, visit the Australian Government Green Vehicle Guide.

Improved health for everyone

With reduced exhaust emissions the quality of the air we breathe gets better, and this leads to fewer health issues associated with air pollution. Another great benefit is that EVs are far quieter than petrol or diesel vehicles.

For more information, visit the NSW Government Electric Vehicle Strategy.

Better energy security

Electric vehicles powered from local and renewable energy sources reduces dependence on imported oil for petrol and diesel supplies.

For more information, visit the Australian Renewable Energy Agency.

A stronger, more efficient electricity network

Large-scale electric vehicle charging can be managed effectively so it can support the electricity grid by reducing demand spikes and help make the network more reliable.

To learn more, visit Vehicle-to-grid.