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Electric Vehicles Charging Connections

The NSW Government is supporting the increase of electric vehicles chargers around the state. For more information, visit Electric Vehicle Destination Charging Grants or Hosting Electric Vehicle Fast Charging Sites.


This guide is designed to provide information on how we can support and facilitate a public electric vehicle charging connection. It gives a better understanding of our extensive network and help identify where your charging connection can be located to optimise its efficiency for you and the convenience of those wanting to access it.

Selecting your site

A range of tools are available to help you select a site for your public electric vehicle charging connection.

This includes publicly available data sets that provide high-level information on the potential availability of network capacity, locations of network assets, and the supporting infrastructure preferable for electric vehicles charging connections.

These data sets include:

  • NSW Maps

    This NSW Government tool presents a list of ‘optimal’ locations and allows you to select different data sets to inform your early planning.

    These include the placement of existing charging infrastructure, approved future charging infrastructure, fast food and fuel station locations, tourist points of interest, traffic volumes and more.

    View the NSW Maps.

  • Essential Energy's Estimated Network Capacity Map

    A network-specific capacity tool* that is designed to assist in identifying the most suitable locations for EV charging on our network.

    View the Estimated Network Capacity Map.

    *Please use this map knowing it should not be relied on to make any commercial decisions because refinement of the data is still developing. Data supplied here provides an estimated capacity for each substation. It must be noted that other considerations are made with regards to the capacity. Distance from substations, cable constraints and existing applications are not taken into account. Please also note that this does not replace Dial Before You Dig or Look Up and Live systems.

Which level(s) of Accredited Service Provider will my connection require?

If your connection requires construction of network assets resulting from a standard connection offer, you will need to engage Level 1 (construction) and Level 3 (design) Accredited Service Providers (ASP).

If the network has capacity at your chosen location, you will only require a service connection under a basic connection offer. This requires engagement of a Level 2 (service) ASP.

Learn more about ASP Levels or visit the NSW Government ASP Information Page.

You can also call Service NSW on 137788 to be provided with the names of potential ASPs servicing the area in which you are interested in establishing a public electric vehicle charging station.

How to connect to our network

  • 1) Obtain your NMI (National Metering Identifier)
    You may have one of these already, but if not you will need to contact your chosen energy retailer to request a new connection. Your retailer will then liaise with us to request the allocation of your NMI and advise you once this step is completed.
  • 2) Connection Application
    If you know what you need and have all the information required to establish a connection (including the best site location for your charger) your ASP should submit a Connection Application.
  • 3) Connection Enquiry

    If you require information about your preferred site before submitting your Connection Application, you can request a Connection Enquiry:

    • We recommend that you engage your ASP to assist you through the connections process and submit your Connection Enquiry on your behalf, including the information listed below;
    • On receipt of your Connection Enquiry, we will estimate the costs associated and provide the estimate to you via our Essential Connections Portal. This process generally takes up to 10 days;
    • Following your acceptance of the cost estimate and payment, we will complete the planning assessment and provide the response. This may take approximately 21 days.

What will I need for my Connection Application or Connection Enquiry?

  1. The proposed connection address and location, marked on a map
  2. Your expected calculated maximum demand for electricity (measured in Amps)
  3. The type and number of chargers you would like to connect
  4. Details of any existing infrastructure available on the site, such as National Metering Identifiers (NMIs) or existing connections points – which can be located on an electricity bill from your retailer
  5. Your NMI

Request your connection enquiry.

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