Electric vehicle charging stations

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The amount of electric vehicle charging stations is continuing to increase across our network footprint. Whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure, the ability to top-up or fully charge your battery is becoming more convenient with chargers being installed locations like petrol stations and popular tourist destinations.

When travelling, there are a range of public EV chargers that you will come across offering different types of charging speeds. 

Destination chargers

Destination chargers can be accessed at many shopping centres, hotels and resorts, caravan parks, tourist attractions as businesses recognise the value in being able to provide their customers with charging facilities while they shop, eat, play, or stay. There are designed to provide a top-up style of charge to an EV during a short stop or a full charge when staying overnight. Many businesses offer these charging facilities at subsidised rates or even at no cost to their customers.

Pole mounted chargers

A pole mounted charger is attached to an existing utility pole. In many instances, it is a faster and easier way to roll out more kerbside charging options for customer access and convenience. We are working to facilitate and support transport electrification within our communities and enable the potential for pole mounted chargers across our network footprint. 

Fast chargers

Fast chargers are the quickest way to boost your EV battery when travelling. Using (Direct Current) DC the power levels can range from 25kW to 350kW. Depending on the size of the EV’s battery, the lower end can add up to 150km of range per hour plugged in, while the upper end can see some EVs fully charged in 10 to 15 minutes. 

Like any travel, it’s important to plan your route and know where you can charge your EV battery.

Explore the public charging locations available nationally and in NSW at the Transport for NSW website.

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