Electrification For Commercial Businesses

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Business is an increasingly complex operation of balancing investment, cost and operations to maximise profits, while providing the services customers want and need.

If you’re looking for ways to bring down your energy bill and improve your business energy efficiency, electrification across your business may support these goals.

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Key electrification considerations

When considering the business case for an all-electric future in a commercial business, the following factors should be considered:

  • The increasing focus on sustainability and climate related outcomes
  • Transitioning existing assets over time to maintain and optimise investment with the greatest potential return or benefit.
  • What the benefit is to your investors, their appetite for change and the speed at which they therefore may consider transition options.
  • The impact on your business resilience and the risk profile that may change as we move towards a more decarbonised economy.
  • Health and safety benefits for your employees and customers.
  • If you are a building owner, your tenant preferences to use renewable energy sources.
  • If you have energy engaged customers who have preferences towards sustainable and the potential benefit of aligning with their wants, goals, objectives, and needs, you should consider available and emerging grants and schemes to decarbonise.

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