Electrification For Industrial Businesses

Industrial area with solar on rooftops


Electrification in an industrial setting involves many different angles that impact overall costs. Fleets, buildings and processes pose challenges and opportunities for change.

An electrification plan will bring benefits into your organisation, and we’re here to support your green energy goals, and delivering great benefits for you, your customers, and our shared communities.

Industrial area with solar on rooftops 

Key electrification considerations

In industrial settings, factors that come into play include:

  • Energy efficiency, cost savings, and environmental outcomes are all clear benefits to considering electrification and generation of energy from renewable sources.
  • Equipment such as vehicles and vehicle fleets are evolving and the range of different vehicle types being provided in electric options is increasing (such as forklifts, sedans, light commercial vehicles and trucks).
  • Heating and cooling devices, including electric heat pump offerings, are improving and the viability of swapping or upgrading assets is becoming increasingly affordable and accessible.’
  • Rooftop solar and storage options are improving the potential to generate, consume and store energy at the business level  . Leveraging available and emerging industry decarbonisation grants can further enhance these opportunities.

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