Electrification For Mining Businesses

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For mining companies, we understand that transitioning existing infrastructure will be one of the main challenges for transitioning to a renewable energy future.

If you’re looking for ways to bring down your energy bill and improve your business energy efficiency, electrification across your business may support these goals.

Electrification and Mining

Key electrification considerations

There are several considerations and factors when electrifying mine operations, and each site and business is unique. Key considerations include:

  • Optimising efficiencies in mine layout of electrical infrastructure 
  • The impacts on shift schedules
  • Ensuring material movement and routes are optimal to deliver efficient and effective operations while leveraging the opportunities from regenerative braking.
  • Other logistical infrastructure 
  • Considerations around electric vehicles, such as:
    • Vehicle types
    • Viability of transitioning existing vehicles
    • Charging infrastructure, types and feasibility
    • Equipment bay sizes
    • Safety benefits including reduced exhaust emissions
  • Creating the optimal mix of renewable investment in terms of electricity-based solutions like for generation (solar), consumption (vehicles and equipment) and storage.
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